There's Something to Rave About Shopping in Mongkok, Hong Kong

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Apart from Lang Kwai Fong, Mongkok is a personal favorite of mine. How can you not like a place where you want to buy everything you see? The goods are well-made, the design is topnotch and the price is affordable. Frequented more by locals, i always think Mongkok deserves its reputation as one of Hong Kong's most favorite shopping destinations. 

Known the world over as Hong Kong's most densely populated area, Mongkok is crowded but beautiful. On my last day in Hong Kong and still eager to buy everyone home a present, this is where i went. I knew that heading to Mongkok for a few hours of shopping is a convenient way of finishing off my check list of goods to buy.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2011 RE-BLOGGED: What's nice about Mongkok is that the intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street is beyond borders in terms of shopping choices. Whether you fancy buying electronic gadgets - head to Mongkok Computer Center, the latest kicks - head to Sai Yeung Choi, iPhone accessories - Ladies' Market (BlackBerry users - there's not much here), or even just wandering around Langham Place (my favorite mall in Hong Kong), is an experience worthy of a trip. 

I bought three pairs of shoes, a rockin' iPod Touch casing reminiscent of the cassette tape design, and other souvenir goods. 

I remember during my last trip, i've always wanted a black leather jacket. And so i did find it in Mongkok. I skipped and told myself, i shall look for another shop with a cheaper price. I guess, that made me realize one important lesson in shopping and walking around Hong Kong. Because as soon as i arrived at my hotel, i went back to where i was just to purchase this jacket which up until now earns a nod from everyone i know. 

I haven't written this tip before so i will write it here. When buying knick-knacks, i always gravitate towards the convenience store. I bought two big plastic bags of crackers, chips, candies and chocolates. And some of which are buy 1 take 1! Take that! So, always be on the lookout for merchandise on sale.

I wanted to write a how to get here, but i guess the only thing you need to remember is the name itself, Mongkok. There's a train station in Mongkok and count 1-50, you're there! Happy Shopping, people!


galing mo PBJ. arbor ko na lang leather jacket mo. kung hindi man, yong sombrero na lang, galing mongkok.

Roki said...

nicey! we skipped Mongkok this time and just breezed through Granville Road. Fun quirky local shops too! just went crazy at H&M for shopping! =p

Ed said...

This is my favorite district in HK! Daming tao kasi and malulula ka talaga sa dami ng pwedeng bilhin! saya dito especially at night! grabe yung isang street na puro sapatos, and yung Mongkok Computer Center para sa mga techno freaks! :D nice shot of the 2nd photo!

chris said...

mas gusto ko ang dating color ng background ng blog mo.

Anonymous said...

sana marating ko din to in the future... para naman magamit ko mga tips mo. hehehe

Unknown said...

Parang Divisoria sya ng manila at Bugis ng Singapore. Mas ok bumili ng mga electronics sa Wanchai(HK) at Simlim(SG):)Anyways ganda ng mga kuha mo sir:)

Nonoy said...

Many people I've heard said Hong Kong smells like noodles. Does it?

Anyway, I envy you that you've gone to Hong Kong. I wish I can get there too someday.

Very beautiful pictures. :-)

@Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] ha ha ha thanks sir! mura lang yang jacket and hat! ha ha matipid ako, ilokano po! ha ha

@Roki what is a Hong Kong trip if you're not hoarding in H&M! ha ha i love granville road. so many shops to see and such color.

@Ed maganda talaga sa Mongkok parang ang sarap bumalik pero sa iba naman. by the way, nag-camotes din ako a few weeks ago. i was drunk and missed my flight to dumaguete for Sumilon kaya diretso na Cebu, shangri-la mactan muna ha ha ha thanks Ed!

@chris will go back to black. for now, experiment muna para di ako magsasawa ha ha but i agree, photos come to life more when the background is black!

@happysole magugulat ka na lang, one of these days ikaw na ang magpplan ng trip mo to Hong Kong! i love your blog, so honest and fun!

@killerfillers digicam lang po! he he but yes, i agree bakit yung wanchai na yan di ko mapunta-puntahan. nagtataka talaga ako nandun na ako at walang ginagawa i still didn't go. ;(

@Nonoy yes ha ha plus jasmin too. basta the flavor and spices very apparent siya in the air. thanks so much for reading. For sure, one of these days, ikaw naman ang nasa Hong Kong and ako naman ang mag-reread ng post mo!

Kathleen said...

yay! the busy street of hongkong.. sa mga pictures puro night lights lang ito madaming tao masyado :) sana mkapunta ako jan

@Kathleen When all of these is over, i will book a flight to Hong Kong. Assuming, day to day life there is much more calm. Sigh. :(