Bangkok, Thailand: Some Things You Can't Forget

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There's just too many unforgettable things about Bangkok or "BKK" as the Thai girl i met said. This city is packed with so many places to explore, food to eat, history to learn, etc. The list goes on and on. And the list, you can experience - day or night. I may need to start a blog about it, just Bangkok. But a good 'ol friend of mine told me last night "you cannot get attached to a place so much."

It's just how travelers do it; embrace the culture, navigate the destination, pack up and go! Because if you do get attached and get sentimental about the people, the places, the events, you will be missing some more unexplored territories waiting for you to conquer and to experience. But as they say, the nature of travelers is to tell amazing stories of their journey - how wonderful it is to travel and visit a place they want to call their new home away from home.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not hard as stone. I had my share of sad goodbyes to this wonderful country (more on that later on), and Bangkok is a definite come back place for me, hopefully in February when i continue my backpacking trip across South East Asia. I'll start in BKK so i can make my way up north or down south first. That is tentative for now. I'll think it over the holidays. 

As i was trying to get some sleep last night, i asked myself what are the things i could not forget about Bangkok. There's just so many. I will try to write them down now as i remember them.

1. Killer Streets 
I can never forget waking up in the morning. Yes, i was a morning person in Bangkok; wrapping my neck with a borrowed towel, going downstairs and trying to cross the busy street to buy myself at 7-11 the best Milo mix i've tasted, and at biggie size, too. But before you do that, you have to master crossing the streets. You have to look at your left and then your right. Cars just pass by you like craaaazy. At first it took me 10+ minutes to cross the street, eventually i learned the trick. It's either you have a really good timing or you run fast when a car approaches you inches away. Pick one. I chose the latter. It gets you up in the morning though. Now, i'm looking forward to Saigon in Vietnam.

2. What a Show
I can never forget being seen butt naked by Swedish girls. It was embarrassing! I was about to go to the bathroom to hit the shower, i was at the terrace smoking some ciggies. I was carrying with me portable speaker then listening to Moby. And then, a girl came up, apparently she sleeps next door. As soon as i saw her, the wrap in my lower body loosened up. Shit... I immediately grabbed the towel but it was a little too late though. It was fun, and i pretended like nothing happened. As soon as my towel dropped, i said hi. Hi from me and from him down there. But it was nothing. She was wondering who was playing all the dope music last night that's why she asked. She says, "Good choice, I like your music a lot!" I never saw her again after.

3. Thai Fried Rice
I can never forget the Thai fried rice. I mean, it's not my first time to eat Thai food anywhere. We have it here in Manila. But eating authentic Thai food in Thailand is quite an orgasmic adventure. The fried rice is just perfection. You can smell the aroma, the explosion of flavors in your mouth and the colors of pepper, onions, eggs, and garlic are all appetizing. And you can watch as they fry it in the pan, so this literally whets your appetite. You also know that it's freshly cooked. I loved every bite of it. 

One time i was with Adam, he ordered some chicken and plain rice at a small hawker stall near the canal. He asked for the price, and it was only 20 baht. No kiddin'. And then i saw how the Thai lady grabbed Adam's thai bill with her right hand, and used the same hand to get the rice without using any cup or whatsoever, and later on grabbed the chicken with the same friggin hand. That was unbelievable. Dirty but Cheap! Would you eat it? He ate it and nothing happened to him. So, i think it's okay. Or was he just lucky?

4. The Attack of Chang
Chang, Chang, Chang, and more Chang!!! I can never forget Chang. It tastes okay as a beer. Others prefer Lao. Not a lot of people i know like Tiger. I find Chang though as the ultimate Thai beer. Drinking big bottles of Chang is the way to go. It's almost the same price as the small bottle, a few bahts more, you can get more drinks right? And San Miguel is so expensive in Bangkok, probably the most expensive beer there. It's even more expensive than Heineken. But you have to get drunk sometimes, right? I wanted to every night! 

5. Shop Till You Drop
I can never forget how shopping is considered a national sport in Bangkok. There are shops everywhere. If i had more money, i could spend $100 and bring home so much stuff it felt like i spent times four. Everything's cheap in Thailand. I wish i could have gone to Chatuchak but i was in Bangkok during the weekday, and you have to go to Chatuchak during the weekends. 

On my last day i bought "pasalubongs" for my family. The stuff they sell is really hip and expensive looking. The t-shirts are the best. You can buy 100 baht tees, and there so many colors and designs to choose from. But somehow, i wasn't up for shopping. My priorities have changed since i backpacked. I don't need them new shirts, i just want to travel with five shirts and two shorts, that's it. Oh and do my own laundry. Well, having someone do you laundry would cost you around 60 baht for 1 and half kilos of soiled dirty clothes.

6. Budget your Money Wisely
I can never forget being too irresponsible with my money back then. Bangkok is my last stop. And so is my money - on its way to nothingness. It's almost disheartening as days pass by. But i managed to responsibly budget my money (i can't remember how), and how i did it is still a mystery. All i know is i eat a lot of cup noodles during lunch so i can down 3 big bottles of Chang at night. And i didn't even bother going to the mall. We have it here in Manila anyway. Right now, I'm still learning how to budget my money, and it sure helps being stuck in Bangkok for a few days with less than a thousand baht with you! Take that! But if all else fails, there's always some money transfer via Western Union. Thank goodness you can get money wired to you in just minutes.

7. Hang-out with Cool Friends

I can never forget making good friends in Bangkok. I don't wanna sound sentimental. I promise this won't be dramatic like the drama scripts i write, but it was really nice hanging out with local thais at Sinat. They're pretty friendly. I could stay in Bangkok for one year or more. I could seriously do that.

Adam who just sent pics of himself and the kids at Phnom Penh. He's staying in Cambodia's version of Smokey Mountain. This guy may be a street punk and says shit a lot but i learned a lot from him. And i have high respects for the dude. See you brother next year around South East Asia!

8. Thai Girls
Oh yeah! I can never forget about Thai girls. There's something about them. They aren't like Filipinas. They may look a little similar but how they act and talk to people, big difference there. Thais are so smiling. And there's something how they smile and look at you. I think Thai girls rock.

9. Thai Values
Respect. I can never forget how Thai people pay their respects to the king and queen. I don't wanna dwell with the government. But during my brief stay in Thailand, i realized these people love their king and queen so much, like they love their own father and mother. And that i think is admirable. Of course, taking aside the massive rally that went on in Bangkok's International Airport. I don't write about Politics. It's just not my interest.

It was time for me to head home for now because i miss my parents also. And they've been kind and understanding to let me go and travel just because i want to. 

10. Thailand is like the Philippines
In many aspects, Thailand is really the closest to the Philippines. In all of the South East Asian countries that i've been to, i find Thailand, the most similar to the Philippines. The traffic, the lights at night, the malls, the beautiful people, the warm embraces, the friendliness, the food, the dirt and finding beauty in it, even the currency. I always find a very good deal in Thailand because the Philippine Peso and Thai Baht are almost the same. 1 is to 1. But of course, Manila airport is definitely nothing like their airport. Suvarnabhumi International Airport is just beautiful. Philippines still has a long, long way to go.

But there's one more thing i can never forget about Bangkok. This on my next entry. I am going out tonight with a good friend. Here's to experiencing Manila Nightlife again! I missed it a lot!