So, How Beautiful Really is Subic Beach in Sorsogon, Philippines?

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Guess what? You will not believe that i drafted this blog post 6 years ago. Am i lazy, or what? This has been literally sitting on my blog post list the whole time. This paradise. Ugh. This gem deserves all the praise and admiration. I've never seen such perfect beach in my entire life. Back then, i only use point and shoot, and the megapixel count isn't as high as the the one in my camera now. Nevertheless, Subic Beach is still simply picturesque and photogenic. 

The trip to Subic Beach wasn't planned. I flew to Catarman in the Philippine province of Northern Samar, eager to explore Biri Island. Unfortunately, the trip there pushed thru but with mishaps. And up until now, i vow never to return again. A ferry ride away plus a smaller boat crossing San Bernardino Straight leads you to this island. Subic Beach is part of the the province of Sorsogon which is the extreme end of Luzon before Visayas.

Whenever people ask me about my top pick for the most beautiful beach that i've been to, i always like to think Subic Beach is on top of my list. What makes this place extraordinarily beautiful is that the sand is indeed pink, because of crushed red corals. And the water, is divinely blue and green. Top it all off, there's no soul in sight. And the sun rises and sets magnificently as it beams towards the water, giving different shades or hues in the sand. I could literally go on and on. It's simply perfect.

Now i say, you really don't need a fancy camera nor superb photography knowledge or experience to take really good photos. Because what really makes a good photo beautiful is subjective. I consider this particular photo beautiful because i shot this photo, and it was taken at the most beautiful time of the day. And i had beautiful memories, then. Hence. 

Others may say that they know of more beautiful beaches. I cannot contest that. To each his own. But mine really is Subic Beach. 

The other side of the island is totally unspoilt. 

And the only structure you can find in there is a small hut where the caretaker lives. If there have been recent developments there, please let me know. 6 years ago, there was no electricity there, too.

That's my home for a few days; that red tent pitched with the help of my boatman. 

Apart from me, my boatman and the caretaker, this dog was the only other soul living on this island. 

You don't need to go too far to swim. Anywhere is always a good spot to swim in Subic Beach. 

6 years younger and about 60 pounds lighter, that's me

A family from the neighboring island came by to relax one afternoon