Travel Notes from Sambawan Island, Biliran, Philippines Day 1

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Red eye flights are the worst. In Manila, you leave early to get to the airport on time. My flight to Tacloban leaves at 3:50AM, so i with no sleep, i left quarter before 1AM. Can you imagine that? 

It’s probably my 4th or 5th time flying to DMZ airport, as Tacloban really is the gateway to western and eastern Visayas. I tried flying to Calbayog once to get to eastern Visayas, it was a bad idea. 

My target destination for this trip is Biliran province. Actually, i’ve been to this province back in 2013. But because the weather wasn’t cooperating then, i had to forego my island hopping dreams and settled for the tour of the different towns in Biliran so it wall all inland tour. I remember visiting a couple of waterfalls, a century old church, and went for a short trip to taste the sweetest water ever. Needless to say, Biliran became a favorite of mine. Why? It’s simply is quite the charming town that nobody goes to. 

I arrived at the Tacloban airport swiftly, and boarded a tricycle to DupTours. The van left for Naval with only two passengers on it. After 2.5 Hours, Naval was in sight. To be honest, i totally forgot about Naval since i stayed the longest in Almeria. It’s also hard for frequent travelers to remember a specific destination, because chances are they all look the same. Can you relate to this?

Now, the trip doesn’t end in Naval. From the capital, i boarded a multicab bound for Kawayan. By this time, the intense heat plus the lack of sleep is getting the best of me. As it always does, the multicab left after they got the right number of passengers. Seemingly, the driver didn’t look friendly. But later on i realized, these people are actually one of the nicest bunch in Visayas. Way out of the way, i was dropped off at the port terminal away from the highway. I paid P16 for a 30 minute ride, and started negotiating for a boat bound for Sambawan. 

Most people do the Naval-Maripipi-Sambawan route, but weighing in on the cost, time and practicality of it all, I made the decision to go direct from Kawayan. I bought some basic supplies, which i later realized were all soft foods. Problem is, even though Sambawan is well-maintained, food and supplies are scarce in the island. But of course, i get it, it’s not a nearby island to go to. 

The journey going there was pleasant, as the water was calm, the sun high and less windy. Sambawan, as expected, is beautiful. What makes this island charming, and beautiful to many is its topography. There’s a hill you climb up to to see the rock formations bedazzled by lush green trees and starks of bouldered rocks. And of course, there’s the beach. The sand is creamy white and coral in nature, and water is clear as it can get. Because the weather was fantastic, i swam to my hearts content every after shot of my trust old rhum.

Later on, i realized that afternoons are the best time to head to and from Sambawan. Morning waters are choppy and downright out of this world. Electricity only runs from 6PM till the next day, as it’s powered by Solar energy. But as the night progresses, you will not need airconditiong system or even an electric fan. Just open the windows, and lull your sleep from the crashing waves. Tropical and beautiful, just the way i imagined it to be. 

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