Celebrating Dia De Muertos in Mexico and The Story of Disney Pixar's Coco

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When i'm not traveling, i'm stuck in my couch and watch movies all day. Cinema is really a big part of my life. I attend film festivals here and abroad. I watch about 2-3 movies on average every day. Unless of course, when i am out on the road. On Day 50 of the community lockdown in Manila, i finally got to watch Coco, the animated film from Disney Pixar. 

I've purposely postponed watching it because i wanted to save this movie and watch it at a better time, when no one's around. I've heard that this one's a tearjerker. I'm quite the crybaby, you see. Finally, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, i get to see this film and i was absolutely in tears halfway through it. If you can get to my emotions, you did it good. I can only count through my fingers that number of times i've watched an animated film.  The last one was Loving Vincent, which i blogged about, too, most recently. Coco blew my mind in all aspects - storyline, graphic design, scoring, and of course, the screenplay. Over-all, it's a brilliant film that everyone should watch, the young and old. 

It also made me realize how important Dia De Muertos is in Mexico where locals commemorate and celebrate their deceased loved ones. My good friend told me about it when he went late last year, and even brought me a t-shirt souvenir. After watching this movie, you can imagine how this festival has become my ultimate bucket list before i turn 40. I have to go, i told myself as the movie plays its end credits. 

And of course, this scene in particular left me sobbing until the end.

If you haven't watched Coco yet, i recommend you do so. I've included a section on this blog about travel movies, and this one makes the cut. You can read about the Top 25 Best Foreign Films of All Time here. Meanwhile, a throwback to my post about Hachiko back in 2015 is here

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