Let the Party Rock in Lang Kwai Fong: 5 Tips to Remember while Getting Drunk in Hong Kong's Favorite Nightlife Capital

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There's always something about Lang Kwai Fong. I cannot imagine any trip to Hong Kong without at least checking out what shaking there. Whenever people ask me what's there to see in Hong Kong, i always find myself sharing my incredible stories of this place. I always find myself happiest somewhere around the corner where I'm drinking Heineken and then, getting some more. The chances of having an awesome night-out here is close to definitely YES!  Although, i must say that Tsim Tsa Tsui is a close contender with a few hip joints, and low-key pubs. But to know the undisputed king of nightlife in Hong Kong, just say three magic letters: LKF! 

Whether you have a few hundred Hong Kong dollars to spend or just about a few spare bills to buy yourself the cheapest drink (beer) at any bar, spend it here. During my first trip, i told myself once i go back to Hong Kong, I'll make it a point to get drunk and walk, and head to the next lively spot. This time around, i did just that.

During daytime, this central district is teeming with assortment of shops and gadgets right next to each other. But at night, the mood changes, the neon colored signs are all lit up, and well, the people are in the mood party. It shows! If you're sold on the idea of having a night-out and painting the town red in LKF, here are a few tips from yours truly to make your gimmick night extra LKF special!

1. Get Dressed.
Whether you're single, in a relationship, it's complicated or married, there's no reason for you not to get dressed up for the night. I know that people traveling to Hong Kong are always in their most comfortable attire. After a day of walking around, it gets the best of you. But if you're up for a cool night, Hong Kong style, wear your most stylish clothes and be seen. People in Hong Kong love to party, and their clothes, nothing short of fancy. If you want to hook up with the singles, polish your leather shoes and wear your favorite designer jacket. Save up your Hong Kong dollars in buying souvenir key chain holders, card holders, etc. that will just gather dust at the back of your chest drawer. Instead, use that money to buy yourself a well-deserved drink for today, you will get... uhmmm wasted! lol

2. Spend Wisely.
And i mean...know your means and your way around. Spending 80HKD on a big bottle of Heineken is cool. But if you can buy it for less than half the price at 7-11, you're cooler. As i walk pass the convenience store, i thought to myself these people value their money. They've converted this one stop shop into a bar. People buy cans of Heineken and San Miguel and chat the night away with their friends, flings, and acquaintances while drinking. Then, when they're all fueled up, it's time to hit the bars. Total number of beer purchased at the bar: 1-2. Clever idea, eh?

3. Guiness. Some people love it like it's their water, i totally hated it. I thought this was the worst beer i've ever tasted. To each his own. But knowing i spent 65HKD on a mug of beer i totally hated was the worst draw for me. But i guess, i needed to experience it to actually criticize it. I am no beer connoisseur. What i am trying to say is, when you're here and knowing alcoholic drinks aren't priced cheap like those sold in Manila, do your research. Lesson for the day: when you're spending so much on drinks, better be sure you know what you're ordering.

4. People Watch.
Everywhere i go, people watching is one of my most favorite travel past time. I would exchange a trip to the museum in a heartbeat in replace of feeling the beats of the city. As i sat and watched hundreds upon hundreds of people walk up and down, get drunk and then get sober, hook up or try to get away from a drunken bastard, i felt the sudden urge to write why everyone's so fascinated with LKF. Going here makes you feel young and alive.

5. The Party Never Stops.
Because it's the truth and there's nothing you can do about it. lol Bar hop all you like, spend that extra money you have and pay the expensive entrance fee to LKF's hottest club, Beijing. The beauty of partying in LKF is that you know the next day while having your breakfast, all you can say is that... It's WILD out there! You don't care anymore how much you spent, because none of that matters, anyway. 


Eric said...

Enjoyed reading your HK trip, I truly miss my HK trip too last year..but never get the chance of checking the hippiest place....

Your journal is fun to read! :)

Roki said...

LKF is heart!!! And the anonymity too! Hahaha There's a Shawarma place at D'Aguilar Street called Ebeneezer - good tummy fix to shake off a bit of that drunkenness! :)

@Eric i have feeling every money spent in Hong Kong is worth it. i had a few dollars with me to spent. i decided to treat myself to a cold glass of beer and it made all the difference. i am a soul-searcher during daytime. at night, i get wild. ha ha

@roman leo reyman thanks so much Roman. thanks for checking this blog out. i am so sorry it took me a long time to update entries as i have been traveling the past few weeks. but i am back, hope you can read my other journals. thanks!

@Roki well, hello dkitchenbitchen i still have utang. i'll find time to read all your food stories. you're one of the best food bloggers now!!! Keep it up!