My Flight to Mindoro Got Cancelled Due to Wuhan Covid-19

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Yes. What a bummer.

I booked this round trip flight almost one year ago, during a promo and paid only about P1,000 or about $20. I never knew back then that there would be a pandemic. I never knew that Wuhan Covid-19 was this worse. I only thought about it for a second and know it will pass. It has been 73 days since the lockdown here in Manila. Even if i hate the term "the new normal", i reckon i have to accept the fact that there will be a new normal soon, if not it's happening already. 

Supposedly, it will be my fourth time flying into Mindoro. I couldn't go back to Bulalacao in Oriental Mindoro just yet. This would've been my third time in Occidental Mindoro. Secret - this year i was planning to go back to my most favorite provinces in the country. But this time, i would be doing something different or going to somewhere i've never been before. I was even planning to extend my stay to add an overnight trip to Pandan Island and Sablayan. I can already imagine the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, fresh seafood and ice cold beer. I miss that island so much. It brings me back so much memories of how underrated the place is, yet it's one of the country's hidden gems. It also brings back memories how young i was starting to travel around the country. I remember enjoying my San Miguel Beer after almost five hours of travel - one plane ride, one UV van ride, one tricycle and one passenger boat. It was one of the best gulps ever. Wheeew! 

This is the new normal for me, i guess. 

I have a secret confession to make. I have a flight booking for a scheduled trip every single month this year. I've been doing it for the past three years already now. Every month, no fail. I felt that i needed to go out there, whether local or international travel, once a month. Imagine how it would be for me this year. Even before the start of the pandemic, i have experienced numerous flight cancellations. My first trip of the year to Batanes got cancelled due to Taal Volcano eruption. You can read more about it here. Back in February, i was supposed to fly to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. It would have been my fourth time in the country, too. Alas! My flight wasn't sorted out with the airline company. And then March came, i was booked to fly to Bali in Indonesia with friends. Just days after i got back from Biliran. I got sick (more on this in a separate blog entry) and there was Wuhan Covid-19. You see, this year, it's been rough and tough for travelers like me. I get the feeling that my itch to travel is nothing compared to the hardships some are facing now. I can't fathom not having a job to earn money and no food to put in the table, most especially if you have a family to support. We're gunning three months now full of uncertainty when will this pandemic end. 

When i look back reading this once everything's back to normalcy (hopefully soon), note to self - "You will travel again, soon. Just not now. There will be changes, though. But it'll be soon" 

Think positive. I just have to think positive for the next 7 months.