Travel Diary: First Impressions of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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After Singapore, it's time to hit the road again to discover what Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Malaysia is my second stop on my Southeast Asia backpacking journey. I rode the bus, the expensive way from Singapore's Vivo City Mall, Transnasional, which i think seems to be an airline only that it's on the road. Spectacular. After all the hassle from the KLLCT going to Singapore, this time, i needed some comfort. It took me less than four hours with two to three stopovers for the Singaporean and Malaysian immigration and some cigarette break.

My first impression of Kuala Lumpur wasn't great. I don't know if it's because of the fucking heat that day. I was literally sweating all over the place. And after a long, long journey, I needed to hit the shower. Worse is, getting a recommendation from Inn Crowd hostel regarding yet another hostel. Welcome to Haven Guesthouse! Such a lovely place, such a lovely place, and very hard place to find at that.

When i arrived with a friend, it was the only two of us there. I liked it already. But i miss the people you talk to, and ask where you're from, where you're going next. The list of questions goes on. After a few hours, a seemingly perfect couple from England arrived. They jew flew in from Manila.

Anyway, the first day and night, they were sleeping the whole time. My first impression was that maybe these two have been trekking and climbing probably Kota Kinabalu. They look so fuckin' tired. I saw some loner guy whom i invited a few days after for some drinking and just stared at me, and didn't say a word. What a freak eh? I'm just being nice.. So what do i say about big rowdy KL?


Malaysia is a weird - mix breed of dirt and everything expensivo. You have high rise buildings and smelly corner lots. What makes Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia spectacular for me though is that it is really what backpacking is all about. Getting Lost! While waiting for the bus, and being transported to an unknown destination, walking in the streets, experimenting where to go to have a good time - it's all these. In the end, i find Kuala Lumpur a little boring, if not for the amazing show when i woke up the next day. Click here to read more on that. I would say, Kuala Lumpur lacks sophistication or urge. More on this later on my blog here.

I actually enjoyed the streets of Petaling Jaya and Jalan Alor, the hawkers stall. Malaysia is proud to have the best food so far! I love it! Batu Caves, and the 272 steps. Oh shit, never have i been more frightened and tired in my whole life and monkey-eating humans.

Petronas towers is a real magnificent structure. When you look up, you think it's moving because the clouds are too close to the rooftop. Riding the bus, a little scary, i was surprised i got stares knowing i look like everyone else. And the panic at Puduraya Bus Terminal, such an eye-opener. Malaysia is weird. But if you ask me if i'm going back to Kuala Lumpur again next time, yes, for a stop-over to go somewhere else.



Here are a few more uninspiring stories from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and at Haven Guesthouse where i stayed. Click here and here.


So what do you think that makes it "Truly Asia?"

hmmm good question, i have to say one thing that best describes Malaysia being truly Asia is the perfect mix of unexplored territories and throbbing cities. I have only been to Kuala Lumpur and i thought to myself once is enough. Although, i yet have to explore Borneo and Perhentians as well as islets along the way. I'll try to convince myself there's something in Malaysia i have to see. And that should excite me!

kemang~ said...

hey bro.. i was born in terengganu.. where perhentian is located.. just tell me when u wish to come here.. i'll guide you :) or if u're going back to kuala lumpur (KL), just e-mail me..i can show u some nice places here..KL is nothing much for me.. it's only full of sky crappers, malls, cars, noise, etc etc..i am on 8 years contract here, 3 years as a student, and 5 years working contract at a medical centre here.. i've another 6 years here, then i'll quit my job and start travelling as much as i can..

@Kemang what's up, brother? Really, terengganu... i'm really interested. yeah when i go back to Malaysia, i'll let you know. It would be cool to hang out and explore Perhentian with someone from there or any other place. KL is cool but i am more of the nature, chilled kinda guy. I prefer nature than the city. Thank you so much. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

what u mean of Mix breed of dirt?

@Anonymous It's an expression! Casual!