50 Signs You're a Filipino Traveler

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1. Two weeks before the trip, the Filipino traveler is already packed.

2. First month of the year - January, the Filipino traveler studies the year's calendar and marks all the holidays to know when he/she can travel.

3. "Naliligo siya araw araw."

4. The Filipino traveler's facebook status on a night out in a foreign country is "I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good, good night!"

5. Before the day of an airfare promo like that of Cebu Pacific, the Filipino traveler is just a click away before booking. Better yet a few days, he/she has already done some mock booking.

6. "Pinapa-laundry niya ang mga damit at di lang pinapaarawan."

7. The Filipino traveler sleeps in a hostel wearing t-shirt and shorts while others are half naked.

8. The Filipino traveler buys souvenirs for all the immediate family members, close friends, and colleagues at work.

9. The Filipino traveler rides the taxi instead of a tuk-tuk. "Init kasi eh!"

10. The Filipino traveler never fails to mention Boracay as the must visit place in the Philippines.

11. On a beach trip out of the country, the Filipino traveler brings three or more different pairs of flip flops to a less than one-week trip.

12. The Filipino traveler is the most cordial traveler you will meet, even if the topic is boring, he/she will still laugh and would still ask some more questions while yawning. 

13. Some sleep really late but still manages to wake up early in the morning to maximize the trip.

14. The Filipino traveler is a really good conversationalist in English. Hands down.

15. The Filipino traveler is a romantic.

16. The Filipino traveler is lazy, reading guide books and would instead ask people around for directions.

17. Goes to the malls but is always disappointed because Megamall and Mall of Asia are still bigger.

18. The Filipino traveler laughs about anything so he/she is a good companion to travel with.

19. The Filipino traveler is always late but has the best excuse ever.

20. A few weeks of travelling, and is craving already for Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

21. Has Moby's Porcelain and/or The Beach OST in his iPod and listens to it while chilling in the beach.

22. Argues San Miguel is the best beer in the world, which is the truth really.

23. He is a gentleman to foreign girls, would open doors, would escort them to the ladies room, would order for her not necessarily treat her.

24. The Filipino traveler smells good all day long. "Walang amoy!"

25. She has little bottles of everything but has a huge bottle of lotion with her.

26. The Filipino traveler has a passport cover.

27. The Filipino traveler is willing try out everything like crickets, snake blood, etc... just no tequila body shots with a stranger.

28. The Filipino traveler makes fun of dancing. He/She laughs while dancing, thinks it's like a variety show dance.

29. The Filipino traveler is really shy and conservative by heart.

30. The Filipino traveler doesn't bum cigarettes, he/she buys however expensive it may be.

31. The Filipino traveler is always the best singer in a karaoke club.

32. The Filipino traveler looks like everyone in South East Asia.

33. The Filipino traveler is a packer. He/She has everything from SPF lotions to off lotion to tissue napkins to ballpens, to deodorizer. Name it.

34. Always has a large bill when paying, and if the shop doesn't have change for it, he/she asks his/her friend to loan him/her and promises to pay afterwards.

35. The Filipino traveler has more photos of himself/herself than the surroundings.

36. Whether travelling alone, the Filipino traveler has mastered the art of taking his/her own photo. Selfie!

37. Always compares the destination to one in the Philippines which is not a bad thing at all.

38. Never forgets to call home once he/she arrives in the destination. The Filipino traveler constantly updates his/her family back home.

39. The Filipino traveler is always the loudest/funniest on the airplane, on the bus, and on the train.

40. The Filipino traveler is always the friendliest to everyone.

41. The Filipino traveler is on a trip, from 3 days to a maximum of 1 month, or longer if he/she has money.

42. Always has to come up with the best excuse to his/her boss why he/she's on leave.

43. The Filipino traveler always gets disappointed because nobody has plans anytime of visiting his/her country, the Philippines, when it has so much to offer.

44. The Filipino traveler eats authentic local cuisine with a big bottle of coca-cola.

45. The Filipino traveler loves to get massages. Foot spa, anyone?

46. The Filipino traveler sports the best tan in the beach.

47. Whenever he/she sees a fellow Filipino, it feels as if he/she is family.

48. The Filipino traveler is always the most responsible out of all. He/She thinks first before he/she acts.

49. The Filipino traveler is never boring it's just that he/she's already grown up and mature.

50. Sometimes, the Filipino traveler cries while remembering the good times he/she experienced out travelling.


Item #3: Hahaha! Not me. Eew, I know.

Item #12: True dat. Kahit gusto mo na iwan kausap mo.

Item #31: Hindi lang yun, alam nila halos lahat ng kanta sa song list. At memorize pa!

hehehe... nakakatawa yung pag filipino memorize yung kanta, siyempre sa simula nahihiya pa pero proud yan! tsaka yung talagang ikaw pa mismo nahihiya na tapusin na usapan... if you have some more let me know, idagdag natin dito! hehe =)

flipnomad said...

#3: ... um nakakahiya mang aminin but i dont do this hahaha i just make sure i dont smell...

#12: so true

#30: hehe honga, pero natuto na ako manghingi kahit dito minsan nanghihingi ako kahit kanino kapag sarado na tindahan... hehe kumapal na mukha ko...

#33: um sabon, toothpaste, toothbrush and deo lang sa akin... hehe

#38: i dont do this as well, unless may accident na nangyari :-)

hehehe flip, just to say also, there are times when i forget to do #3. hehe, i don't know if its laziness, minsan talaga sa sobrang pagod.

ako, i have a problem of not bringing the most essential like toothpaste, often times nagnanakaw ako ng toothpaste sa ibang ka-hostel kasi nasa sink lang din naman.

ako i update every now and then about my whereabouts pero sobrang mahal na pag naka-roaming. grabe yung P70/minute. ginto!!! hehe

how about you, baka may maidagdag ka? would be nice! thanks again!

Chyng said...

3. "Naliligo siya araw araw."
- haay, hopefully everyone specially the westerners should do this. ang baho nila sa bus!!

29. He/She is really shy and conservative by heart.
- nice to see this in your list. you look very outgoing kasi.

Chyng said...

**-Sinulat ko yung iba na tagalog kasi baka mabasa ng iba pero totoo naman di ba?**

haha, same here! i have a malaysian blogmate, nahiya ako kasi naka maintindihan nya kaya tagalog ko din sinulat. pero grabe, airplane palang nila ansakit na ng ilong ko.. hihi

Hey Chyng!

Yes. I know minsan talaga gusto ko tanungin, do you smell something funny? sige na nga, di sila sanay sa tropical country pero naman, hygiene yun regardless kung nasan ka man. Meron ako nakitang sobrang gandang french girl, kaso naman parang lalakeng nag-construction ang amoy.

Yes also. I think Filipinos when they travel can have fun, but by heart they're still conservative and mature. yung iba kasi parang nakawala kaya grabe magwala. i think yun din ang charm natin kahit na minsan naiisip ng iba na boring.

ha ha ha, oo nga eh! kapag sensitive na issue, magtatagalog muna ako. atleast may secret language tayo! pero grabe yung amoy ng iba! he he =)ano worst experience mo sa ganyan?

Anonymous said...

Parang 40 over 50 ata score ko. Galing ng list mo!

@Anonymous thanks! ayos! ha ha ha iba talaga ang pinoy travelers! Amoy presko! he he

Brenna said...

lol. nilista ko pa talaga kung alin hindi applicable sakin. baka sakaling kunwari foreigner ako. haha! Numbers 1,4,9,10,11,16,20,21,25,26,30,33,35,39

i'm a really weird traveler. lol. probably because i grew up sa ibang bansa. haha.
and most comment-able --
27 - i think i'd rather do body shots than snake blood or anything snakish, reptilish or even cockroaches! :)

nainspire ako sa list mo. love it!

Catherine said...

super nakaka relate ako sa karamihan ng post dito! hehehe

@Brenna ha ha Thanks! Pero i have to agree with you that there are different types of travelers. i won't be surprised if i encountered a traveler who does all of the 50! he he Thanks so much, Brenna! Love having you here!

@Catherine Actually marami pa, i'll try to post part 2 with 50 more signs you're a Filipino traveler soon. dami lang backlog. he he Thanks, Catherine!

Anonymous said...

mabaho din ang pinoys, amoy sigarilyo ang iba amoy tuyo

Anonymous said...

amoy yosi and tuyo ang pinoys