Foreigners Visiting the Philippines Should Head Out to the Mall

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If you have friends with you coming over to the Philippines, take them to the mall. It's cool, comfortable and going there is good for the Philippine economy. So when my friends came over to Manila to visit me, i took them to the best malls in the country around the city. Near where i live in Q.C. is Ever Gotesco Mall. I don't want to say anything but it's not highly recommended. Two of my friends went their own way, hailed a cab and went there. They bought a couple of Knick knacks, a backpack, and some personal stuff. When they got back they were happy as a bee. 

Of course, apart from Ever Gotesco Mall, there's SM owned by Henry Sy, a juggernaut commercial complex in almost every city in the Philippines. One of which in my city Quezon has been officially known as the biggest mall in the country (Read the story here) toppling down the famous Mall of Asia in Manila Bay, Pasay City. Ayala malls like Glorietta, high end shopping mall Greenbelt in Makati and Trinoma, there's also Gaisano malls and Robinsons around Ortigas.

What my friends bought in the Philippines: Nike shoes, a couple of kick ass shirts from local merchants, Greenhills tiangge finds, $20 backpacks (huge ones for 6 month trips). They couldn't find a shaker, wonder what's that for. 

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