Help: Lost Red Hi-Cut Sneakers in a Hostel in Osaka, Japan

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2011 RE-BLOGGED: I left it in one the shoe cabinets on the first floor. I stayed at this hostel called J.Hoppers last November, which i wrote before wasn't outstanding as the previous hostel K's house where i stayed in Kyoto. But  nonetheless, it is good enough place to stay at for a few nights. 

The Long Story Short.
Anyway, J.Hoppers is not something i could rave so i'm keeping this help/hostel review short. The internet is expensive at 100 Yen per 15 minutes, but the drinks on the vendo machine offer the cheapest cokes and vitamin c water which was good. The girl who was manning the hostel was friendly, funny and cordial. The travelers, when i was there, were a bit old. Not that it's a problem. I was staying in a four-people dorm room. I returned to the hostel after a few hours of wandering around Dotonburi when one  Czech guy and another German duded started arriving. We all had a fairly good chat up until i could feel myself dozing off any second, so i excused myself.

The hostel was forgettable but my red hi-cut sneakers will never be. If ever i do come back in Osaka, for the heck of it, i will try to look for it in J.Hoppers. If i can't find it anymore, i hope someone will rock the kicks because it does rock! Where else can you find a bloody red hi-cut sneakers in PVC anywhere in this planet?

This post is weird.Cheers, people!

NOTE: I will continue writing about my trip to Fukuoka, Hiroshima and of course Tokyo in Japan after my Siquijor-Negros series.


Tsina said...

Hehehe. The place is not forgettable. Just because of the sneakers. =p

looks like a pretty cheap place to stay. pede na saken yan, tatago ko nlng sa bag ko ang sapatos ko. haha hehe Keep this Japan series coming dude! :) I just hope I'll get approved for a visa. goodluck naman saken.

Happy Travels this 2011! :)

@Tsina yes, those pair were one of a kind. i regret that i have left them. realized when i was already on the bullet train. as if i can hurry and get it. i just wish those kicks are put to good use. ha ha ha

@thepinaysolobackpacker yes, i did a research on a good place to stay. j.hoppers seems to be the top place to stay. close to the train station, and convenience stores, very cheap too. Yes, i am posting some more on Japan: Fukuoka, Hiroshima and saving Tokyo for last. Where are you going in Japan? I am pretty sure you will get a visa, just show them your extensive travel journals. ewan ko lang pag di ka bigyan! he he

Ed said...

hi jerik! sayang ang sapatos! but naging weird ang post? hehehe. this is nice, very random din. :D more Japan series! cheers to more travels!

arabesque said...

i was blog hopping when i stumbled
upon your blog.
Interesting because i just visited Japan and although time isn't sufficient.
looking at your fotos was like deja vu
all over again.
stunning fotos btw and
I'm learning a lot from your backpacking
do's and don'ts. ^-^

I hope to see more of your trips to here and beyond.

@arabesque wow! thanks so much! yes, you can agree with me how beautiful Japan is? Very inspiring and all the Yen spent are worth it. Feel free to come back, and read some of my journeys too. I am currently reading your entries, love your blog!

C A R L A said...

im green of envy about this kyoto trip. sana in the near future maka punta din ako. thanks for this post :)

Chyng said...

Now Im thinking I should also experience sharing a dorm with fellow backpackers. Kaso takot ako sa bedbugs! ^_^

@Carla, yes Kyoto is becoming more and more popular nowadays. not a lot of young travelers i must say, but worth the trip. If you're flying Cebu Pacific. Osaka is very near Kyoto. Hope you can visit Kyoto someday! Thanks! :)

@Chyng, i've experience bed bugs once in KL but the guesthouse where i stayed in wasn't particularly clean. this, on the other hand, is very clean, with clean sheets, and ventilation is pretty good. There are times when i prefer some time to myself, when i get bored, i just start chatting up. Friendly people, and i learn a lot. With the two blokes, i gave them advice on where else to go, as they haven't been much around Osaka!

ayan said...

ey man, morning =)
can i get your on my way to siquijor and i have the faintest idea bout the place..i think im heading tonight to das traum since its cheap.. what places there would you highly recomend..a church or beach maybe.. and is it possible to commute around the island..or one really has to rent a vehicle?
il be on my way..and i might not be able to log-in..if you can text me man..that would be a big help.. 09173424241/09228022684
thanks man

hey ayan, if you have further questions, just send me a text message. would be awesome to help out! keep it cool, buddy! yer gonna have a great time in Siquijor!

aurawind said...

sayang nawala :( sapatos rin yun

yes i know! nanghihinayang pero ganun talaga! fate na yun! sandali ko lang talaga siya nakasama! he he