The Forgotten City: Re-discover Manila in the Philippines and Be Prepared for the Surprises it’ll bring you

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The Forgotten City: Re-discover Manila and be prepared for the surprises it’ll bring you
April 9th, 2010 by jerikdeguzman Posted in Travel
Written by: Jerik de Guzman

Less than P50 is all you need to ride a public transportation: be it a jeepney, FX or a bus going to the city where fun and good times meet, Manila.
Manila is the city long forgotten by many because of the exciting, overly secured posh malls of Makati. Home to the president of the republic, the glaring red light district and obscure menu is also the city that never sleeps.
What once was the pride and glory of the country is now part of history books and police watch list. We all want a little thrill once in a while so the next time you take your day off, plan a trip to Manila.

Here’s a roundup of cool things to do in the metro:

Manila is a beautiful city that boasts of the arts, leisure and entertainment. Erected with numerous landmarks like the National Museum, the Planetarium, Luneta Park and Manila Zoo amongst other where a good short trip will do you good for your head so you can start brushing up again your knowledge of history and science.
Part of Manila, is the gorgeous sunset of Manila Bay, world famous for its harbour view, one can experience the tossing of the day and night in the benches while you’re enjoying your “sopdrink” in plastic and old style “mammon”.

At night, Manila turns into a throbbing district littered with anything that screams good times, fueled with a display of electric lights show from the many bars, massage and sauna  and pub clubs.  Walking in the streets of Malate is a treat as it is the real heart of Manila nightlife. Local and foreign restaurants offer the real food for the gods, the ultimate Pinoy Inuman combo of Pork Sisig and San Miguel beer.

Manila’s natural sound may be annoying to some, for many of its foreign lurkers though, it is the perfect key to culture . One can find the best cover singers of Matt Monroe and Elvis Presley in the spirit of popular live acoustic bars, or maybe one can listen to new Manila sound of OPM chill out music as you navigate the streets of Orosa and Nakpil. Manila at night isn’t just about listening to music, it’s about creating one. The most popular hobby at this side of the metro is the pinoy star dreamer in all of us, so be prepared to sing you favourite anthem, be it”Lak-Lak” or if you’re the moody type, maybe some Air Supply and Barry Manilow.

Food in Manila isn’t like anywhere else in the world. It’s unique, flavourful and definitely not for the faint hearted. Manila offers the most absurd and surprisingly most sumptuous local delicacy anyone will ever taste. Balut and Penoy are for tourists, western food has finally hit the core market of Manila, forget about paying P300 for a plate of pasta in fine dining restaurant, head to Quiapo market along villalobos and order for a single serving of sweet style spaghetti and palabok, plus you can order crispy Fried Chicken with wings at less than P50. One may also discover this secret hub for Chinese food lovers in a place called Estero in Binondo for huge servings of Mami, lomi and pancit at dirt cheap prices
—- If the pressure of designer living in the city center has taken its toll on you, head to Manila where you will once feel the spirit of luxury living for a fraction of your peso. Manila where always a visit seems like the first time. Cheers Panyero!

Top things to do in Manila:
1. Manila Bay Sunset while drinking your served-chilled San Miguel pale pilsen.
2. Dinner at the harbour view while eating you less than P100 grilled barbeque feast.
3. Time to keep fit and start working those flabs jogging in Luneta Park.
4. If you’re in dire need of a make-over, head to the true blue discount shops of 168 and Divisoria for some 101 on style.
5. Chill out in one of the many bars in Malate and you might just earn yourself a date soon.
6. Ride the Pasig river boat cruise from Makati to Manila.
7. Sing the latest (as of press time) videoke anthem “Bugoy’s Paano na kaya in one of the many homey videoke bars.
8. They say there’s a poet inside of us. So write some poetry and read it aloud in nightly poetry reading sessions in one of the art cafes in malate.
9. Ride a kalesa. Help the hardworking drivers earn a living.
10.  Make new friends. Talk to Manilenyos, they are the most welcoming people in Metro Manila.


Manila is the capital of Philippines. It is the center of the trade and industry in the country. It has a lot to offer to every person who comes and visits the place they can never forget.

@manila nightlife of course, people love it and others hate it. i call it home!