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Another flight cancelled! Again, what a bummer. 

You see, a few weeks ago, i received an SMS and e-mail from Cebu Pacific that this particular flight got cancelled already. And it's still almost a month away. It seems Tablas bound flights aren't a priority for Cebu Pacific now. But even if this flight would push thru, i would probably cancel it still anyway. Total lockdown of Metro Manila has been lifted (as of this writing) but i still haven't gone out of the house except when i go out for a late afternoon HIIT training or early evening run and i practice quite the physical distancing protocol, and when i walk around the perimeter of the house with my dad to sunbathe - good for Vitamin D. 

It just sucks knowing that all my planned travels have been put on hold. The freedom to discover the world is curtailed by one pandemic that could have been prevented. Can you imagine that? That's all i am saying. Back when i was younger, i have always imagine myself as the great traveler. I have not been a fan of leafing through pages of travel books oggling at a sight of a white sand beach or 1,000 year old temple. What matters to me is going there in person and experiencing it for myself. It seems as though all of my plans for the year have been put on hold, and it's not a very nice feeling, most especially for frequent travelers like me.

Although there are more important matters that needs to be worried, i think mental health is one. I am not a control freak, but i like to keep my plans organized. More importantly, i'd like my plans achieved. Imagine crossing out plans each month and writing down cancelled. Now, i feel like my month is incomplete and i need to focus on other things apart from travel. You see, i do other stuff apart from my passion for traveling, but this one is a big chunk. So you can imagine how tough it is to not travel at all. For others, this may seem like shallow but it's a part of my life. It has been since 2007. It's not easy to let go of something you really love. 

Next month, i have another travel coming up. If that gets cancelled, i will write another blog post about it and feel bummed out. On the other hand, if that flight pushes through, then i'll be a happy traveler. But the question is, is it worth it? Till then, i'll try to find something valuable to do. 

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