Why Wait for a Sea Disaster When You Can Prevent it?

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During my trip to Cagbalete, I noticed a concern that I need to address to proper authorities. Although I must say it’s quite an adventure and I’m not looking for class A amenities but the ferry ride to Cagbalete from Mauban port was a bit nerve-wracking, if you know what I mean. 

First of all, the life jackets were double knotted. I am pretty sure it’ll take approximately 10 minutes to untie each and every life jacket on board.

Secondly, with the number of people riding the boat as compared to the maximum number of passengers for the trip, it is (crossing my fingers it'll never happen) a cruising disaster waiting to happen. In short, it’s overloaded! I wouldn’t mind paying higher than the fare if it meant the safety of the passengers. I’m just saying.


Tsk. Maraming cases talaga na ganito. Sadly, tsaka lang maghihigpit ang authorities pag may accident :(

Bago na pala ang layout ng blogsite mo, level up na ito :)

@Pinay Travel Junkie I mean, ako, i don't have a problem with it. But imagine if my family was with me during this trip? The management of the boat companies ferrying to Cagbalete Island should invest in proper transportation essentials kasi medyo popular din naman ang island and maraming bakasyonista. ;(

@lakwatsera de primera Claire, just changed it para lang di nakakasawa and since medyo maulan na, so tama na ang summer eh. hehe I just blogged again after two months. Thanks so much, idol!

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At least hindi na masakit sa mata ang theme mo ngayon. Maliwanag na. May ganyan talagang mga ferry boat ano? They dont even care with the safety of the passengers just to maximize their income. :-).

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Why wait for a sea disaster when you can prevent it?
-because were pinoy and were hard-headed that way... sasabihan ka pa niyan ng... "sus kung oras mo na, oras mo na" nyahaha

@Bonzenti Thanks for that. Yes, now, this blog has a lighter feel. But i'm planning to change soon but will be staying away from black for now.

I know. Malaki na kasi kinikita ng management with the number of tourists going to Cagbalete, ano ba naman yung mag-invest ng functionalities para safe ang passengers or better yet, more boats para di pagkasyahin lahat sa iisang barko. :(

@pinoydaysleeper.com may point din naman sa kung oras mo na, oras mo na pero di ba brad, kung kaya naman i-prevent bakit hindi. Bawasan lang ng knot yung life jackets, etc. he he Ako kasi, walang problema, pero i don't think i can't take my sisters or parents with me to Cagbalete knowing this situation.

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Ganyan nga ang sakit ng mga pinoy. Kung kaialn meron ng accidente dun palang aaction.

Me and my two friends are planning to have a backpacking adventure din sa january! Hehe Nice blogss Pinoyjournal =)

@Billy Boy Thanks for the comment. Hope you and your two friends will have an awesome backpacking adventure next year. Where are you guys heading to?