The Highs and Lows of Negros Oriental, Philippines

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2011 RE-BLOGGED: I have always been fascinated with Visayas, and every province exudes an undeniable unique charm that i just can't get enough of. I am almost done circumnavigating all the island provinces of Visayas, a little bit more and i am done. After traveling around the mystical island of Siquijor, it's time to see the beauty of Negros Oriental.

Part of the fourth largest island in the Philippines, Negros Oriental will calm you, making you forget the hustle and bustle of city life. Often called a university town because of the popular schools around the province like Siliman, St. Pauls, Negros Oriental State, Negros Oriental breeds young dwellers seeking higher learning. The people here are relatively young and around the city, you could see bunch of men and women laughing, roaming around the beautiful Rizal boulevard. What a delight!

One of the reasons why i made my way to Negros Oriental is because i have heard excellent reviews from people who've been there and from people i know who used to live there. They say the true gem of the province is the people, i never knew the natural wonders were just as unbelievable.

I arrived in Dumaguete International Airport early in the morning. I headed straight to the port a few hours after. After basking some sun, and exploring Siquijor on a motorbike for a few days, i returned to Dumaguete to explore the province. Most of the passengers on the flight i took were locals coming back to celebrate the new year in their hometown while i was the lone traveler from Manila.

Dumaguete is a city but not quite. I find it showing signs of modernism and the bigness of the future, but it's still a simple, laid-back province. I hope it stays that way. I often wake up early in the morning to see the majesty of the mountain ranges. I would walk around in my shorts and sando under the heat of the sun, and ride one of those tricycles if i get tired. Most of the time i find myself wandering around the outskirts of the city, far from the busy streets and the group of people. That, i enjoyed a lot. I often ride the motorbike with my awesome guide/driver/friend and cruise the towns of Valencia, Sibulan and Zamboanguita. As i recall my trip, i am blessed for that one week amazing trip.

The days I spent traveling in Negros Oriental were filled with a lots of adventure. I find myself getting acquainted more and more with the province's culture and the beautiful people. I went to waterfalls, stopped by to see the awesome view beside the cliff, and most of the time doing absolutely ridiculous activities. One night, i wanted to skip drinking so instead of heading to the dive bars along Rizal boulevard, i went to the mall and watched a funny movie. It was an unforgettable experience and i almost found myself living just like one of the locals. I felt great and alive.

I miss Negros Oriental because after months of hectic living in the city, the province painted a beautiful memory in my mind even for a short while. And for that, i will never forget. It was pure bliss, i have to say!

Read the rest of my story about the beautiful province of Negros Oriental in the coming days. Keep posted!


i have yet to explore this city... overnight lang kasi nagawa ko dito... some stroll sa silliman then uwi na. will wait for the ff posts

Looking forward to your waterfalls adventure, it's one of the things I always look for in a new place :)

Cedric said...

Mas lalo ko tuloy gusto ma-explore Siquijor. Ganda nya talaga. :D


When I visited Dumaguete few years ago, I was with a talkative driver who narrated endlessly everything I inquired about the province.

I learned a lot about Dumaguete - where Dumaguete got the province,s name, etc. - may mga piratang dayuhan na DUMADAGET sa mga dalaga ng probinsya noong unang panahon, and more stories (sad part for Dumaguete early dwellers).

We went to Siliman also and like you, I enjoyed looking at the people. I noticed one thing, mga nakapustura ang mga girls sa kanila at madaming magaganda. Hahaha.

Ang dami kong kwento. Hahaha. I enjoyed reading your post. Glad that you enjoyed everything in Dumaguete.

Have a safe trip.

@journeying james to be honest i prefer the outskirt towns around dumaguete. valencia, sibulan and san jose are places to go to. i highly recommend them. james, read your post on catanduanes. can't wait to read the rest. i'm very very interested, actually!

@lakwatsera de primera waaaah! you'll surely get excited as Negros has lots of them. got to see two awesome waterfalls, Casaroro and Red Rocks "Pulang Bato" , very different from each other but equally superb! topnotch! mag-eenjoy ka!!!

@Cedric yes, sobrang ganda sa Siquijor. After weeks already since my trip, lagi pa rin akong nagkukuwento about my trip! sa sobrang kuwento ko, may colleagues ako from work who will spend their valentine in Siquijor! Nice!

@Rizalenio wow! thanks for the input, salamat din sa talkative driver! yes, i highly agree with your observation. mga girls nga nakabihis! funny thing is akong taga Manila mukha akong probinsyano. nakasando at shorts and tsinelas! i like it that way. keep reading my stories here! thanks, bro!

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@Wind Wow! that's great news, i'll be posting on the forum real soon. Thanks! Also, i don't post my profile on the page, but my logo should be on the upper right hand of the landing page. Thanks so much! Take care! Xx from Manila

Nilcha said...

its good to know that you had an amazing trip.. n i ve never heard about Negros Oriental until i read ur post n google abt it :P

@Nilcha one of these days if you have the time, hope you could visit the Philippines soon. it's a lovely country just like Indonesia! And i'll cheers a drink or share a cake with you. Take Care, you!

It looks like a nice place..quite a name though! Let me go and read the rest of the posts as well about your stay here...