The Ultimate Travel Guide to Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines Part 2

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So, you've successfully landed on arguably the best beach in the world. Tap on the back, my friend. Even if everyone is saying Boracay is overrated, it's nothing that'll come close to let's say Phuket or Krabi. Boracay is like a small kid who's wondering around in his pubescent youth. Searching for something, making friends, making out haha..

Where to go at night?
Boracay is a sleepless island - 24 hours there's something goin' on. You just have to know where the smoke is, fire must be burnin' yerp. There are a couple of bars/discotheques around stations 1-2-3. But mostly eateries/restaurants/cafes whatever you want to call it are sprouted across white beach. I let you in on a secret, walk. Walk around north to south, for sure you will find a spot you like. If you are the romantic, the quiet type or the party animal, there's a place for everyone. I want to suggest a couple of places i like. Sure there are new clubs opening every now and then, but these three are somewhat the places i highly recommend for any traveler because who wants to go to a party island with no soul in sight right? Have a drink, make friends, don't swim on the waters (or maybe you can) just close your eyes on exhibitionists in the beach if you're to find one.


"To the official website of COCOMANGAS SHOOTER BAR. One of the first party bars on the island of Boracay,in the Philppines. Cocomangas Shooter Bar, est.1987, is now the oldest original running bar on the Island (22 years old and counting), and which many refer to as an institution on the island, and a trip to Boracay is not complete without a trip to Cocomangas Shooter Bar. Famous for it's "Still Standing After 15..." drinking challenge where customers drink 15 different shots of assorted booze , and if you're still standing, you receive one number for your country , a free t - shirt or jersey, and your name engraved on the bar's wall of fame. Do it for your country!!!

Cocomangas is also famous for Jam Jars , which are oversized cocktal jars containing potent mixes of alcohol. The best selling cocktail jars at Cocomangas are the Frozen Margarita's, Kamakazi's, Bailey's Shakes , Pinacolada's, Long Island Ice Tea's, and our original Jam Jar mix.If you're in the mood , try them all ... Also try the shakers which come in twenty different flavours and colors, all served with five shots of alcohol in every shaker at a reasonable price o$4.00 dollars(refill price) a shaker."

Juice Bar

Relatively new, but a sport place to go to where people are now flocking. As of late, my last trip to the beach, this is where the mad people go, house music, overflowing cocktails and beers, a nice spot to check out girls if you like them and guys if you like them. Quite a spot minutes away from station 2 central. Starts early, closes late or when there's still people drinking it depends.

And of course, Hey Jude

I like the place a lot. I've been going here since i can't remember when. It's a place where DJ's play really good house music, where waiters talk to you when you're traveling alone, where people cheers with you their drinks, where you can be crazy because it's free to do so, but mostly the ambiance is impeccable. There's something about the set-up that makes you feel at home, in a far-away tropical beach, there's Hey Jude. Vodka redbulls, rhum cockes, san miguel light. What is there not to like.

If you like Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand my friends.. this is like his little brother, a take out paradise with good vibes and awesome beats. Not much people, no twenty-thousand worshipers for the full moon party, no peeing punks on the beach, no fuck buckets, we have san miguel. Good clean fun. Mostly. And of course, the beach here is incomparable. If you're lucky enough to survive the night without passing out, try to wait for the sun to rise, the beach is c'est magnifique. Water is greener, sand is whiter, sky is bluer. And your face will light up because you know you've found paradise in the Philippines. 

For more information about Boracay and wanna' go there on your next backpacking trip, visit these sites so you have accurate information on what's going on in this lovely lovely little place. Or send a comment would be more than happy to help out. FOR NO FEE AT ALL.


Anonymous said...

hi! nice blog!
i'm indonesian and i'm interested with Boracay . is it safe to go there alone? thank you

@Anonymous I hope this reply reaches you still in time. Boracay is the most popular tourist destination for foreigners in the Philippines. Don't worry. It's very safe in the island, and the locals are too friendly. Cheers!