Travel Notes from Chobar, Nepal

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After almost 10km of dirt bike road from the capital city, i finally arrived in Chobar. Again, no tourist in sight. This was my original plan, to make sure i go to places often forgotten or de-prioritized by tourists. Chobar is the next town after Kirtipur, and frequented by locals mostly on weekends. 

When i arrived, i immediately heard house music playing. It was either a wedding or a reunion, but alas it was a birthday party. As soon as i snapped a couple of photos, that's when everybody realized i was not Nepali. I just crashed a party, yet i felt welcomed more than ever. It was an exciting experience, being invited to dance, and the DJ playing awesome Nepali pop tunes. I'm losing sunlight so i painfully said goodbye, and walked from here to the top.

The real reason why i went here is to see the Chobar Gorge. Up until now, scientists are still in parallel to think that indeed, Nepal was once a lake broken into two huge land masses. The view here is amazing, and with no photographers apart from lovers, it was indeed a worthwhile experience. I stayed for a couple more minutes relaxing after a tiring walk up.

Shout out goes to Hard Head Helmets for making my trip high up in the mountains, even more energizing. Check out the company's pages on Facebook and Instagram, if you love motorcycles. 

The long bridge overlooking the holy river, and the Hindu Temple residing next to it made this journey one for the books. On the way back to Kathmandu, i stopped by once more to admire the view of Kathmandu, and checked in on one of the monasteries. It's been a great day for me. And i am lucky to experience Nepal in a different way. Sure, there are less exciting towns to visit in Nepal than Nagarkot, Bhaktapur or even Pokhara, but my adventure to Kirtipur and Chobar paved the way for me to explore places that haven't seen much tourists. Now, i am more keen to go on trips outside of the travel books. This is the real essence of traveling to Nepal, just embracing the multitude of colors Nepal has yet to unleash. luckily, i am here now.

The day after, i just stayed at my hotel here in Thamel figuring out for the last time where i want to go. To be honest, the failed Bangladesh trip still leaves a sour note to me as i have been looking forward to visit the country. And like a domino spiraling down, i am not as excited to follow my original plan. I was thinking of going elsewhere, but that didn't push through as well.  Always believe, things do happen for a reason. The day after, i rented a taxi to another uncrossed destination by many. Little did i know, i was in for a treat. The views of Ganesh Himal and rice terraces were just unbelievably sublime. 


Eun said...

Sounds a great adventure! Hoping there'll be photos posted soon! :D

@Eun Cheers! More photos and blogs coming soon.