An Adult's Nightlife Travel Guide to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Phnom Penh at Night.
I'll try to make this entry as wholesome as possible. If you're a single guy and have been to Phnom Penh, you know what i am saying. If not, here's a 101 on you.

Phnom Penh as they say gets more alive when day turns into night. A night of bliss, pleasure and immeasurable moments of cheers and laughter. Phnom Penh at night is a good place to meet people, enjoy conversations, hook up with someone, end the night happy. Unlike in Bangkok where there's just too many people smacked in the middle of the city, Phnom Penh is still relatively a huge place to roam around and not bump into a fellow lonely soul. But whatever your liking is, this city will surely take your breath away.

Phnom Penh is surprisingly as party-crazy as Bangkok. It's not chilled-out and cool, breezy like Siem Reap. It's orgasmic in its purest form, with so many men and women out late at night wanting to have a good time. If you know what i mean. But local teenagers don't miss the fun, too, as they hang out with their friends and peers at 24-hour convenience stores. A couple of tables and chairs are set up outside where people can order Anchor by the pitcher or by the bottle. Order dried fish or squid and a plastic food. Maybe less than $5 for a round good for 3-4 people. Other essentials will cost you, though. This is getting popular nowadays. Mostly, you will see people chatting up as you walk at night.
With so many foreigners finding home in Phnom Penh, there's ought to be house warming parties everywhere. Luckily, i was able to go to one. A private party with so many foreign people talking about their experiences in the city. Small talks. Where you from? How long are you planning to stay? Sometimes one would crack funny anecdotes, sometimes really nasty accidents. Phnom Penh Post was actually there to cover the event. How expats party the night away in Phnom Penh, blah-blah-blah.
Point taken. Phnom Penh is a booming Red Light Capital with so many, and i mean so many, girly bars to dive bars. But in essence, these are places where you can pick a girl you fancy. Prostitution is so popular in this city that you will wonder why are all Khmer girls so dressed up at night? With glow in the dark paints on their faces, and looking all just lovely. Khmer women are so beautiful to westerners. I still think Filipinas rock my world, but to each his own. 

There are a couple of bars and clubs in and around Phnom Penh. One popular hang-out for you-know-what is Heart of Darkness. Okay. It's a club. But it's a club with too many you know. Good music. $2 beers. Good laser light display. Beautiful people. And it's a few steps away from the house where i used to live. There's even a 24-hour brothel to keep you company all day long.
Phnom Penh is a very cheap city to travel to. You can be rich one day, and lose everything you possess the next day. If you do go out every night, chances are you'll lose all your money without actually knowing it. 

One trick is to buy a drink before you go out. It saves you a couple of dollars. Go to nearby grocery store. Buy Mekong whiskey. Buy Coke in Can. Buy Ice. You're good to go. Trust me, it can speed up everything at night.

So now, i still don't know whether i like the city or not. At some point i find it too exciting for me, sometimes i think it's so sinful. With just about a few dollars to spare, you can get anything you want. And you'll feel good after. The time i spent in Phnom Penh was both filled with non-stop drinking and non-stop exploring. I did what i needed to do. Find something rockin' in PP and kept on doing it. With every night out, it's unfortunate that I kind of miss the city. I wish to go back soon, maybe for a week. I've been too good the past few months, we all need to sin sometimes right?


Roki said...

Coke with any local alcohol is good vibes! hahaha

@Roki I know ask anyone, if there's one thing i cannot live without it's coke! Hire me! hire me! he he I have so many coke stories to write about. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

which hotel is best for Filipino

@Anonymous there are a lot of guesthouses and hotels scattered around river side. i suggest you stay around. just mention river side. the guesthouses in the lake side are more fun though but fit for backpackers and those who prefer to party.