Discover the Real Story Behind Cambodia's Heart of Darkness: Phnom Penh's #1 club

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If you happen to meet anyone in the world who's been to Cambodia's capital city and ask where to go at night, that person would most definitely talk about "Heart of Darkness". A night out to this joint will take you to Phnom Penh's darkest secret, no doubt. 

Amidst its awful past, Phnom Penh is a throbbing, lively city where bars/clubs/pubs/even 24-hour brothels are constructed at the river side, lakeside and those secret little alleys such as Equinox, Sharky's, Howie's and Pitstop, just to name a few. But still, nothing compares to the city's arguably #1 clubbing destination... The Heart of Darkness!

The Crowd 

Popular to locals and foreigners alike, this is the place to be for that awesome unforgettable Phnom Penh experience. "Although it's not really branded as a brothel or a strip joint, it seems like it."

On some days, it gets deserted where only a handful of gentlemen at the bar side drink their cold beers while listening to folk and western music. But if you happen to drop by when the real action is happening, you'll be astounded. It's recommended to check out Heart of Darkness at the strike of 12 where people usually get in. Don't worry, as far as i can remember, there's no curfew. Last time i was there, i left around 4AM.

Although the place is a guy territory, foreign women are not shooed away. I once asked some random foreign chick what she thinks of the place, and if she doesn't feel awkward that there's just so many local girls for hire. She said it's a good place to dance and get drunk. And nobody bothers her, anyway. 

The History 

Before i left for Cambodia, i was already looking up at good places to go to at night. And i read somewhere that one club actually closed down because one patron got shot. Apparently, little did i know, its this very same club. 

If you look around Phnom Penh, it's a weird city because at a minute you'll see tuk tuk drivers, and another minute you could see Khmer men and women driving their Hummers or Lexus cars. There are a lot of rich people in Phnom Penh. And talks say that those who are driving are the sons/daughters of rich moguls. 

TIP: If ever you catch them at "Heart of Darkness", stay away and leave them. If they say leave, do so! Just as long as they are not bothered, they won't bother you too. Keep in mind, those dudes are notorious in the city.

The Price 

Beware, prices are for tourists so it's a little pricier than usual but still affordable. A big bottle of Chang or Heineken will cost you around $3. There's cocktails and shooters, but food served are not necessarily worth your money. 

The Ambiance 

There are pool tables to play 8 balls, couches where you can lounge in, a couple of tables to booze up and a good size dance floor where everyone's just getting crazy dancing and prancing. It can get smoky and lights are dimmed. The DJ's are okay, and their play list ranges from trance, house and cheesy pop tunes so get ready.

If you're wondering where it is located, i got their business card and scanned it so you guys can check it out! 


flipnomad said...

oh wow... how could i miss this watering hole hehehe... maybe next time... :-)

ha ha ha i don't mind going back, but next time i will know what to do. I'll tell you some other time, everybody in this club wants to do the same thing after clubbing! Wink! ha ha ha