Checkin-In in the Middle of the Night at Phaidon Beach Resort in Pandan, Antique, Philippines

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If you're going to Pandan in Antique?

either of the two... 
ONE: Congratulations for you know this underrated destination - you're maybe 1 out of 10,000
TWO: You might be saying where the hell is it? Too bad.
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For now i am writing about this really good place to stay, eat, lounge, anything you can do, you can do it here. For a town as sleepy as Pandan, Antique with about less than the number of visitors you can think of, accommodations in Pandan, Antique is scarce but there is this one place i really really recommend and if ever i am coming back to this town, will 100% surely stay here in this place called..

Phaidon Beach Resort
Tucked somewhere in the middle of jagged mountains and sleepy fishing villages is a world class accommodations. When i stayed There, i got in the middle of the night, with nowhere to go and feeling hopeless, the kind couple said yes that i can check in. With a very low budget of less than $10, i was taken to the fan room. But maybe because of my charms or maybe the kind couple who owns the place are like Mary and Joseph really nice taking me in, i was upgraded into a superior king room. Wow! Talk about Pandananon hospitality!

The rest of the days i spent there were about chatting with them, telling me more about the town, the pros, the cons, the lack of tourists, the beauty of the ocean. Basically, if you're an observant you will see that this town has so much promise. With unbelievably isolated beaches, spectacular greens and the tall Mt. Madia-as, i don't know why this destination is often untraveled.

A beachfront, a good selection of food and drinks at the bar, a quiet relaxation, a safe place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. This resort earns my hands down, one of the best resorts I've stayed in. After just another day in Boracay, i chose to brave the unknown in search of a quiet place to think. A few hours away is this place. How relaxed can i get? I am not really a fan of any pets but for one whole day i was playing with this friendly dog. I call him spotty because of the spots. If i were given a chance i would have stayed here longer, and do the island tour, watch birds migrate, island hopping sipping fresh coconut, living the "Robinson Crusoe" lifestyle. And the best part is, you don't bump into to many tourists.

One of the days i was lounging around i found a couple foreign backpackers asking me if i this place was great. I just nodded, with a big yes. 

Phaidon Beach Resort and Bar 


Anonymous said...

Great place.

@Anonymous Number 1 resort in Antique. Super loved the place: good service, friendly people, off the beaten path... i enjoyed the whole beach to myself. no one was there, just the way i like it. Thanks Anon! If you're traveling to Antique, you should stay here!