How to Ace Your Japanese Visa

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Before heading to Japan, note that for Filipinos, a visa is needed. And it's not just any visa, it’s THE VISA. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why most Filipinos opt to travel elsewhere because the Japanese visa is one of the hardest to acquire, along with US visa.

I was told by a travel agent that back in the 90's, Japan has become a popular destination for Filipinos who want to work abroad. No problem. But more and more Filipinos travel to Japan to work without the necessary working permits. They get a tourist visa, and never come back. After a while, the consul became aware of this growing problem, and the rest is history. Nowadays, just a word of caution, about a few months ago, it became stricter again, and the immigration is keeping close attention to Filipinos traveling to Japan. But if you're just there for pure tourism purposes, then i guess you have nothing to worry.

I will try my best to share with you my experience on how my Japanese visa application got approved. For purpose of this blog entry, i will only write about the purpose of visit which is tourism, and traveling solo. 

First things first, gone are the days when you can apply for a visa yourself. Nowadays, the embassy of Japan has enumerated accredited travel agencies where you can pass the application and they'll be the ones to process it for you. Rates for tourism purposes, start from P1200 to P2000/visa. These agencies have satellite offices in Manila and Cebu, and have good enough information on their website. Please see below.

Click on the Japan Embassy Website - Accredited Agencies index.

Call the travel agency personnel and ask what are the requirements and steps in processing your application. I've called them up many times, and asked over and over again the requirements just to be sure. Of course, there will be a time when you have to ask the staff, perhaps you lack this requirement and you're wondering if you can submit something else instead. Don't worry, it's better to be prepared.

I chose Reli Tours because the office location is most convenient to where I live. 
The travel agency personnel will then ask you your purpose of visit and how many people are traveling. 

For Tourism purposes, please see below required documents, and submit the Original and photocopy, just to be sure. You don't want to go back again and again, right?

 Purpose of going to Japan is on package tour / exhibition visit friends / distant relatives (cousins or further relatives) 

(In case the applicant is applying together with another individual who has a relative in Japan
(up to the third degree of relationship), follow the requirements for “visiting relative”.) 

As of July 2007

All documents must be original unless otherwise stated. 

  1.  Philippine Passport
      Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.
  2.  Visa Application Form 
      Also available at the entrance of Embassy or through accredited agency.

Recommendation: I suggest you fill up the application form in the travel agency so if you have questions about some things, you can just easily ask the personnel, before completing the application form.
  3.   Photo  
       Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background
       Photo must be pasted on the application form.

Recommendation: You can ask in any of the photo stalls located in malls for a Japanese visa application photo, because they actually have samples for this. 
  4.  Birth Certificate of applicant 

Recommendation: Call up NSO Hotline at 7371111 to ask for a copy of your original birth certificate. Pay it at Metrobank. It will be delivered to you 1-3 days. Check out their website here.      

  5. Marriage Contract (if the applicant is married)
      (4 and 5 must be from NSO Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide) issued    within one (1) year.)  

      In case of non-record, you must submit certificate of non-record together with the one from Local Civil Registrar.)
If the applicant is has his/her passport (old or valid) with a used Japanese visa 

  6. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO 

Recommendation: Be precise and brief. There is a standard table-format with example,  provided by the Embassy of Japan where you write your schedule of stay, complete with date, activity plan, accommodations and contact details. Be honest and truthful. I am quite OC, so I made sure all information written there were accurate. Be sure to include flight details and hotel accommodation contact number and address. You don't have to be specific. It doesn't mean that because you wrote the hotel and places where you will go doesn't mean it's final. Plans do change. And the consul won't hire a private investigator to hunt where you're actually staying or going. And most of the information written there was based from Lonely Planet Japan anyway.
  7. (If visiting friend) Documents or photos etc. to prove relationship
Recommendation: I actually had a dilemma which I opened up with the personnel. I have a Japanese friend and I was wondering if it would help in my visa application. The personnel said, it’s the same if you don’t have one. Plus the requirements take time, like you need to ask your friend to provide residence certificate, etc in Original form. So i decided to not process my application with a guarantor in Japan. 
  8. Invitation Letter from Guarantor in Japan   
       (Must have handwritten signature) (not applicable if package tour)
  9.  Bank Certificate 
Recommendation: So how much money do you need to have in your bank account? Go back to your itinerary and compare. If you’re staying at this hotel with a room price of X amount, plus your round trip ticket of X amount, plus your daily expenses for food, shopping, transportation. Then, you will have an idea on how much money you need to have in your bank account, at least. I think for four days, P150,000 in your account is too much. But if you have this much money, why not. I was told before by a reliable source, that one middle aged woman has about roughly a million pesos in her bank account, but could not provide a certificate of employment. Her Japanese visa application was denied. I actually asked the personnel about this, and he said there is no specific amount needed. It all depends on the consul's decision. 

So, with just enough money in my bank, I asked for a bank certificate. Got it after a few days. This certificate proves that I have a steady supply of money saved, as compared to a bank account opened a few months prior to the visa application.

10.   Income Tax Return (Form 2316) original and photocopy 
      [9. and 10. are only applicable if he/her or his/her supporter has deposit in bank or income tax return]

       Exemption of 9, 10; 
If the applicant is eligible for Multiple Entry

Recommendation: This is one of the hardest document for me to provide because I actually quit my job about two years ago. For about two years, I was just traveling on and off around Asia. Plus in my previous company, I was considered a talent, meaning I am not a regular employee. I have a different form number, etc. This was the breaker for me, if I could not provide this one, my application won’t be complete. I asked the personnel, and he said I just submit what I have and from my last ITR form which was two years ago. I just had to write a letter addressing the concern, and reason for such. 

In addition, I submitted my employment certificate, without an additional document regarding my leave of absence.

For about three weeks, I was gathering all the documents, and writing my itinerary. It was tiring, and I was almost giving up. I went to Reli Tours one Saturday afternoon and submitted all my documents. He asked me for my purpose of visit which is tourism. He also asked me how many people are traveling, and I said just only me. I paid the Japanese visa application fee and as I leave, I saw my documents being handed over to a Japanese official in the agency.

I left and remembered, I forgot to sign one of the documents. I didn’t come back. I was just so tired and have been sleepless just to make sure all of the requirements are in place. If destiny wants me not to travel to Japan, so be it. I already have a back-up plan. 

Three days later, I received a text message from the travel agency personnel saying my passport is ready for pick-up.

Stamped with a Japanese visa for travel within three months, good for 15 days! At last!!!

5 things to remember about getting a Japanese Visa

1. Be honest. Tell me you're going to Japan purely for Tourism and not to work TNT. If not, then this blog is not right for you. Remember that whatever you do in Japan will bounce back to your fellowmen. If you want to work, get the necessary work permit. In time, if Filipinos learn to be honest, then maybe, we can all travel to Japan visa-free!

2. Prepare your documents. If you plan on traveling to Japan, keep this blog entry saved. You will need it. Furnish all the necessary documents you need. If you left the company you're working for before, go back and get your BIR form, etc. Make sure you have a checklist of everything you will need. Even the littlest details will affect your application. Heck, even an inch bigger than the stated size of your photo, might cause your application to get denied. 

3. Save up. I will blog about this later on. But for purposes of traveling to Japan, its probably one of the few countries in Asia that's expensive. You don't need to so much if you're just going there for four days, but if you're traveling longer, maybe you need some more. Accommodations can be cheaper, transportation expenses can planned ahead of time, food and drinks may be hell lot cheaper, you just have to find where it is sold.

4. Research. Nothing beats a double dose of research. Buy a Lonely Planet book, read and participate in forums like PinoyExchange, go to google and type your destination and navigate on blogsearch. Bloggers are passionate individuals who will actually take time to write informative travel posts coupled with photos and tips. 

5. Don't think too much.This i learned after applying for a Japanese Visa. I stressed myself so much worrying. As long as your requirements are complete, and you just want to travel around Japan. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. If God wants you to go to Japan, He will find a way. If not, there's a reason for everything. 

UP NEXT: After you get your Japanese Visa, it's time to plan your TRIP! 


Anonymous said...

Hi! i love this blog!:) Thanks for sharing this...I'm actually thinking if we'll be going to Bali (got so excited after watching EAT,PRAY,LOVE hehe), Singapore (Universal Studios), or Tokyo (really wanted to personally experience most if not all the things I've seen on TV travel shows). And I need to choose one,just one,before my boyfriend flies back to LA. I wanted to go there on Sakura Festival. :D

I'll be sending you an email to ask something about the visa reqts :) Thank you!:)

Chyng said...

whew, i thought it's very easy. may effort din pala.i really ned to save up for this one.

-- goodluck jerik. uulanin ka ng emails regarding this japan visa =)

@anonymous yes please do, would love to pay it forward and help you out. i'm not really keen on Singapore. blogged about it, i actually find Japan cheaper than Singapore. And its more worth it to spend your bucks in Japan. Tokyo is just WOW!

@Chyg just as long as documents are ready, with regards to bank account. i am telling you this with my itinerary and my bank accounts, it should leave me with about P100 left. but they gave me a visa! it's just kinda scary to get denied. maybe, it was good that i was preparing for the worst. and was already planning a back-up plan if i'm not granted a visa!

Parker said...

Now I really want to go to Japan. Never thought that Japan is cheaper than Singapore.

Patti said...

Bookmarking this post for future reference. Thanks Jerik!!!

Marco said...

Thanks for this. Do you have info for S. Korean visa?

@black cat minimum price i paid for a beer in Singapore is around P350, i found cheap beer in Tokyo at around P200. plus it's Japan compared to Singapore. you get good value out of your money!

@Patti yes, you'll love it there Patti! for writers, it's one of the best places to get inspired. so many stories popping in my head.

@marco nope sorry man. haven't gone to South Korea yet... maybe next time. i'll let the heat between two Koreas pass first. he he

Ed said...

it will take a while before i can step on Japan but thanks for this informative post!

@Ed trust me it's not that expensive and it can be cheaper!!! by the way, sometimes viewing your video on the bungee jump in macau so to prep myself up in case i decide to hold my fear for a few minutes!!! where are you heading next?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this! I really want to visit Japan in the future so this post is a big help! Looking forward to read your entries about Japan :-)

@mylovelylife88 Thanks there! I'm just a little tied up with work that's why i can't really continue on blogging about Japan. But i'll find a way to squeeze some blogging time from work. Hope you read my future entries on nara, osaka, fukuoka, hiroshima and of course Tokyo! Nice to have you hear. come back soon! :)

nakakastress out talaga mga visa akin nga china lang nakakapagod isipin.thanx for this entry at least i'm no longer intimidated to apply for a japanese visa.

@virgo itinerary seriously i just received my taiwan visa. mas mahirap pa kumuha ng visa sa taiwan. hassle! will blog about it soon! thanks so much for the comments!

Anonymous said...

wow galing! thank you super helpful.. worried ako now kasi nagtext din agency for pick up n daw passport kso bakit parang ambilis maxado kc aug 3 ako nagapply tas august 5, 5:30pm i recvd their text. so im thinking baka denied huhuhu wag naman. but eniwei, approved or not, I will hold on to what you said " If God wants you to go to Japan, He will find a way. If not, there's a reason for everything." Godbless po and continue doing blogs. Very Helpful and Honest.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to meet up my dad in Japan for a trip. We're from the US and he's back in the Philippines. Would it be hard for a retiree, about 10 years now, to get a visa?

@Anonymous Hope everything went well. Regards! :) We'll continue sharing my stories so i can inspire more people to travel the world.

@Anonymous I cannot answer firmly but my best bet is that it would be fairly easy for you and your dad to get a visa. :)

Hello Everybody, I've also applied for Japanese Tourist Visa here in Islamabad-Pakistan. My application still in process and I will be called for an interview pretty soon. I've also visited China,Singapore,Malaysia,UAE,Kenya, Austria,Germany,Belgium,France,Itlay,South Africa and United States and now would love to visit Tokyo. I hope i will get my Japanese visa if God has written Tokyo in my luck! See ya in Tokyo ! ! ! ! Rana Adnan Ahmed

So, how was your application? Hope you got it, Rana. Can't wait to read up on you Japan adventures! Cool blog, too!

love2type said...

very informative. thanks much for sharing

love2type said...

hi, question: did you booked hotels and plane ticket BEFORE visa was approved? thanks.

arnel f. said...

Hi jerik!

First, I want to thank you for sharing your japan visa application experience in this blog. For me, I think you have achieved your goal in helping other tourist realized their vacation in japan. Second, I have a question: I am planning to go to tokyo, can you recommend bacpaker's in, cheap food houses and top 5 must see places there? again, Thank you and God Bless.

Lei said...

This is pretty helpful. Just found this post when researching about a Japan visa. Might go there in July for a sports tournament (I'm going with players but I'm not playing). I'm worried 'cause I quit my job late last year and have been doing freelance work on oDesk since. Can't really produce a legit COE or an impressive bank statement. Tsk. Good luck to me! :P

Leah said...

Hi, forgot to ask about the employment certificate you submitted. Did that mean you were still employed but haven't worked for two years?

Anonymous said...

help po . worried po kasi akokasi one month na po kasi wala pang update ,.matatapos na po kasi bakasyon eh

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your blog was really informative! I just want to ask about the ITR as a requirement. It is difficult for me to have an ITR since I`m just new in my job. I just started last January. Can I submit an ITR from my previous company?
I`ve read in your blog that: "I asked the personnel, and he said I just submit what I have and from my last ITR form which was two years ago. I just had to write a letter addressing the concern, and reason for such." What do you mean by "write a letter addressing the concern, and reason for such."?

If I also submit a certificate of employment, company name will be different versus that of my ITR (which was from my previous company). Do you think it will be an issue on applying a Japanese visa?

Thank you very much! :)

hey love2type! Thanks so much! That is actually the aim of this blog post. Good that it reached you. :)

i booked my flight already via Cathay Pacific, but no accommodations booked prior to the trip. I just had to mention in the itinerary where i intended to stay.

Hey Arnel!

There are heaps of backpackers inn scattered around Tokyo. You can try searching for it on Lonely Planet. Also, ballpark figure of a night stay would be at P1000/night that's the cheapest i know. A big bowl of ramen good for two costs around P600 (too much 1 heavy eater can't finish it).You have to check out Ginza for electronics, Harajuku for fashion and culture, Visit Hachiko's memorial statue... Just click on my blog posts about Tokyo. You'll love it there. It's still my most favorite city in the world!!!

if there's a will, there's a way. When i chanced upon visiting Japan, i was new at work, and i couldn't produce an ITR but i found a way by getting one from my previous job. I saved up big time for my flight, and when i checked the cheapest flights was with Cathay Pacific. I made it all happen. You can do it!

After quitting my first job, i didn't work for two years that's why i could't produce an updated ITR. :(

Hey! How was it? Were you able to get your visa? How was your trip???


You just have to state the reason why you can't provide an updated ITR because you didn't find a job till recently. Certificate of employment is very important and it wouldn't matter if the name of the company is different from what is in the ITR.

Just prepare all the requirements, and you should be okay. :)

Leah said...

Thanks for replying! Just wanted to update you that I got my visa last week! I ended up getting my BIR Form 2316 from my previous employer and I asked for a COE from one of my "online" employers. Plus, the tournament organizer also agreed to be guarantor for everyone attending the event so, luckily, I had those papers in my visa application, too. :)

You're right, as long as you have all the requirements, chances are you'll get a visa. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for your reply. i have my visa already. i`m planning to travel on september. did you book your ticket online? :)

rejz said...

i passed the complete documents (visiting friend) last july 5 (with japanese guarantor ''my bf'')...
and today i have interview... im really excited.... =^_^=

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to ask which is the best travel agency you can suggest to me to handle my application for a Japan visit visa? what do you think of Attic tours? are they reliable? thank you

Anonymous said...

ano po travel agency mo? thanks

ruffeecola said...

helpful entry! thanks!

Unknown said...

hi,ask lng po ko ng magndang reason kung bakit ko mag tourist sa japan.may kaptid kc ko ngyun sa japan.gusto kc nila kong magvisit dun.ang kaso ang gusto ng kua ko eh 3 months ko magstay nga lng ang avail lng daw eh yung 1 week lng dun.anu kyang magandang reason para makakuha ko ng 3 months tourist visa sa japan.1st time plang po ko magaaply ng visa.sana po eh matulungan nyu po ako.salamat po ng marami.malaking tulong po ang blog ninyo...GOD BLESS PO!!!

Unknown said...

hi,pede po bang humingi ng tulong?gusto ko po kasing magaply ng 3 months tourist visa sa japan.andun po kasi yung kapatid ko.gusto po kasi nila kong bumisita sa nga lng kelangan nmn ng valid reason pra maaprubahan ito.pede nyu po ba akong bigyan ng mga halimbawa na pedeng gawing magandang dahilan para po mkapagbakasyon ko sa japan.1st timer lng po ako.sana po eh mabigyan nyo po ko ng mga magagandang halimbawa na pedeng idahilan.salamat po at GOD BLESS...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about getting a visa in Japan. Like Lei, I also quit my job five months ago and is currently doing freelance work. Just got a ticket last August 2012 and will be there July 2013.

I was worried about my ITR and Certificate of Employment requirements but as you said,if there's a will there's a way.

Is it okay if you reason with the consul that you're not with a Package Tour and just a solo back packer?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I so like your blog! I just applied today, but I'm already stressing myself so much. :P I just hope it gets approved!

wow thanks! this is very informative. I have the same problem right now... I don't have an ITR. (i'm working abroad). should my OEC (Overseas employment certificate) be enought to cover the ITR issue?

Anonymous said...

This post surely inspired many travellers out there.
By the way, I have a question. The last time I worked was dec 2010 and became a student until now. Do I still need to get an ITR although I have a guarantor?

Anonymous said...

Hello~ This blog is very detailed and reliable.^_^

I would like to ask if I still need to produce an ITR and a bank certificate although I have a guarantor who is going to cover all my expenses. Also, the last time I worked was Dec2010 and has become a full-time student up to now so I wonder if they would still require me to submit it. I know that providing a certificate of enrollment would be the best document to present since the second semester is about to start soon, but I am curious if I still need to produce those.

By the way, my inteded stay will only last for a week. :)

I hope you can response to my inquiry. Thank you so much! ^_^

Unknown said...

Hi question. I'm an independent contractor since 4 years ago in an Australian Company. I'm working from home. My last ITR was issued since 4 years ago. Pwede pa kaya yung ITR na un? I've asked my employer if he could issue a COE for me, and they can give it naman. My employer is located in Australia and they don't have any virtual offices here. My bank certs is already 200K+. 1 credit card, and I'll file a small business soon in BIR on 2013. Sa tingin mo po ba may chance ma-approve? :-) TIA!

Anonymous said...


nag-apply po ako ng japanase visa kaso lng po may tanong akong d ko nasagot pero complete po yong req. dahilan po ba madeny ang visa ko dahil sa may hindi ako nasagot???

Anonymous said...

pwede makitanong?completo po yong req. ko,kaso may tanong po akong d nasagot.isa ba sa dahilan na ma denied ang visa mo kng d ka makasagot a mga tanong??

Dan Guiam said...


Thanks for making this guide!

Ask ko lang nagresign kasi ko sa job ko last oct 2012 and nagstart ako ng real estate business ko just this nov, may ITR ako sa previous job ko pero pde ko rin ipasa yung mga DTI and BIR ko, makakaapekto kaya yun sa application ko for visa? balak ko kasi magaply this dec.

And also yung regarding sa plane and hotel, kailangan ba na magpabook na kagad pra mailagay sa visa application? ang sabi kasi sa kin ng agency e di nman daw need. nagpabook ka ba nung bago ka nagapply ng visa? pagnadeny kasi ang visa e may mga fee for refund.


Anonymous said...

i think i need help too what if the aplicant is no work experience in phillipines mean he cannot tour to japan even the guarantor wants him to visit them?

Hi Rejz! Hope you were able to visit Japan! Been itching all year to come back. It's fun out there!

The Japanese consulate only relies on a few travel agencies for visa application. Best to check the website for the most recent updates.

Thanks for the kind words, Ruffeecola!

hmmm... Actually the consulate of Japan will more or less check with you what you're gonna do in Japan. If you're going to Japan for 3 months, first thing's first. Why that long? Do you have enough money to support your long trip? Aren't you working in Manila? If so, why did they give you 3 months leave. More or less, those questions, you need to ask your self. i am no expert in Japanese visa but the number one reason so they will grant you one is, you shouldn't be overstaying.

I'm a solo backpacker too. I traveled without any package tour. I did everything on my own. I got my ITR from my last employer and just submitted the papers. I just wrote a letter that i didn't work for 2 years (i was on and off traveling those years) that's why i don't have a recent ITR.

What was the result?

i think it's best to check the website for details. And try asking for inputs from the travel agency. They're the best person to ask for OEC.

Yes! ITR is actually a pretty important document. Just submit your last ITR together with a letter that you studied, etc.

Ano yung tanong, Anon?

i know that if you get denied, you don't get back the money paid for the visa fee. Yes! It's correct, no need to book for accommodations. I had my Japan Railway unlimited ride for 7 days because it's troublesome to get in Japan.

Hi Anon! The history of Filipinos traveling to Japan is a bit alarming. Imagine, the number of Pinoys who went to Japan and never came back to the Philippines. That simple. I couldn't blame the consul for putting a stricter rule for us. As long as you have every reason to come back to the Philippines, and you can afford the money for your stay. Then, it should be okay i think. Of course, this is just my opinion.It's best to check the website and ask for inputs from the travel agency.

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanks for this post,you make it sound so easy but... I was wondering, how I could get a visa if I'm still a student or fresh out of college, with no job experience? because I wouldn't have that Income tax return requirement. Would that mean I can't get a visa? I am graduating this summer 2013, and I really want to go to japan afterwards,but I have no work experience at all. So how can I do this? I really want to go, just as a tourist of course, no tnt. I was wondering, if I go on like a family holiday, where my parents will pay, do I still need visa? I'm 21 by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir. I'm planning to go to Japan this year. The only worry i have is that i don't have enough money in the bank but my trip will be sponsored by my aunt (not a japanese resident/citizen). Do you suggest me to pursue it? I have traveled to 6 asian countries back and forth in the last 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was actually searching for tips re: Japan Visa application and this is one of the top results. This is really helpful! Thank you so much :) I have a few questions though - Is it necessary to have a booked ticket before applying the visa? How does this work usually? Visa gets approved then you buy your ticket? How long should you buy your ticket after your visa has been approved? Like for example, when waiting for seat sale promos, let's say it's on March but the travel period is usually for the next year.. I buy a ticket this March 2013 for March 2014, so I apply for a visa between December 2013 -January 2014?

auburn-locks said...

stressing myself on JP Visa too!! I pray that it gets approved! thanks for the v informative piece... now I know what I'm feeling is normal. ha ha!

auburn-locks said...

now I know I am not the single soul who worries so much for my JP Visa outcome! I can't wait for Thursday when I need to collect my passport - does it mean its approved already? when its denied ba they wont hold onto ur passport? would u know?

auburn-locks said...

stressing myself on JP Visa too!! I pray that it gets approved! thanks for the v informative piece... now I know what I'm feeling is normal. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this. It's also my favorite city in the world! been to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sydney, Bangkok, Hanoi, and Brisbane (not mentioning Manila, coz im a promdi and i just hate it nothing beats Tokyo I swear to God! I was able to live in Tokyo for a year for my study abroad. My visa application was different from yours but not a whole lot. I'm going there again end of March but this time, with my sister. I will be on a student visa again, but my sister will apply for a tourist visa. I'm facilitating her application. I hope she gets it! it'd be really awesome to spend a few days before not seeing each other for maybe 2 years. Disneyland, here we come!

Anonymous said...

Hello po nag apply po ako visiting relatives, anak po ko kasi half japanese.. Gusto po ng tatay nya mag school sa japan 3 months lang training po anak ko baka kasi di makayanan ng anak ko kaya 3 months lang hingi na tatay nya. Eto na po, may problima ako yung tatay nya may asawa na pilipina dun nakatira sa bahay nya nakasulat sa letter nya. Pero pag dating namin sa japan kukuha sya apartment para sa anak kasi di naman kmi pwdi mag sama sa isang bahay di p po sya kumuha ng apartment kasi wala p kami doun ng anak ko. Mag 2 weeks na po wala p result kung may visa po ako o wala naaawa na kasi ako sa anak ko gusto nya pumunta sa japan. Sa tingin nyo po mabigyan kaya ako ng visa.

Anonymous said...

Nakaka praning maghintay ng visa nag 2 weeks na. Pray nlang tayo!

Albin said...

Thanks for the reply! Will be processing my visa this April!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Your Japan entries are so useful. Thank you! I am definitely bookmarking it. I am planning to go to Japan this October and am doing a lot of research. One question for you: would you advise booking plane tickets prior to getting a Japan tourist visa? May mga murang Cathay Pacific fares na kase akong nakikita ngaun and it would be a shame not to get it. What do you think? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for posting this guide! I am planning on attending a concert Japan this December. I think I have a lot of problems concerning the requirements. I am considered as self-employed at the company I am working in since I work as an animator. Plus, I haven't traveled outside of the country. And I have little money on my account but I am planning on doing my best until I reach 150k on November. Is that enough for a 1 week stay? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is very informative. I just want to ask lang po, i applied with the same agency, reli tours in mall of asia. Coz i applied saturday 20jul, and i recieved a message from them just this afternoon, 24jul around 430pm, its only 4 days later. Yung text message na narecieve mo po, did they advise if your Visa is approved or not? or just letting you know that passport is ready for pick-up..thanks!